Atlanta Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


atlanta chapter 11 bankruptcyAll substantive bankruptcy law is found in Title 11 of the United States Code.  Within Title 11 are various numbered chapters from which the kinds of bankruptcies derive their common names.  

Atlanta Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is designed for businesses and for individuals with substantial holdings who have the desire and resources to reorganize. In comparison to Chapter 7 bankruptcies, where the assets of the debtor are liquidated for distribution to creditors, a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case is a reorganization that frequently enables the business or individual to keep necessary assets while eliminating unnecessary or unprofitable assets for the purpose of reducing expenses,increasing revenues, or both, eventually leading to the submission of a Chapter 11 Plan to pay pre-petition creditors in a manner and amount authorized by law and approved by the court.

The entity filing a voluntary bankruptcy petition is referred to as “the Debtor.” Even within Chapter 11 there are various types of Chapter 11 bankruptcy all of which are subject to essentially the same law, there are variations and restrictions for those debtors who fall under the definition of a “Small Business Debtor” or a “Single Asset Real Estate” case.

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