Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney | Danowitz & Associates P.C.

What makes a good Atlanta bankruptcy attorney?

Bankruptcy has several versions. Some attorneys cover all chapters and some specialize in one or more of them. A good Atlanta bankruptcy attorney […]

What You Need to Know About an Atlanta Civil Litigation Attorney

What You Need to Know about an Atlanta Civil Litigation Attorney

If you are planning a civil lawsuit or are facing one, you need legal representation. The US court system […]

Reasons to Contact an Atlanta Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

6 Reasons Why You Should Contact an Atlanta Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

If creditors are hounding you at home and on the job and the bills are mounting up, there is a […]

Questions to Ask for an Atlanta Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer

3 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Atlanta

If your company is considering a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing, you need to be sure you are […]

Contempt of Court in Atlanta Courts

Contempt of Court in Atlanta

Contempt of court occurs when someone insults the court, disrupts court proceedings, or defies a court order. You might be sanctioned for contempt of court […]

Starting a Partnership in Atlanta, Georgia

Partnership in Atlanta, Georgia

Starting a partnership in Atlanta is not as simple as simply shaking hands and going into business together — an informal partnership could subject you to […]

Georgia Landlord-Tenant Law | Advice for Landlords

Advice for Landlords in Atlanta

Both federal law and Georgia landlord tenant law restrict a landlord’s unfettered discretion to rent a residential or commercial unit to anyone he or she […]

Atlanta Landord-Tenant Law | Eviction

Compared to most other states, eviction procedures are unusually swift under Georgia landlord-tenant law. Nevertheless, an Atlanta landlord must act through legal process to evict a tenant. He or […]

Atlanta Employment Law | Getting Out Of A Contract

Contract Signing in Georgia

Signing a contract does not amount to indentured servitude. In most cases, you will risk only civil liability (i.e. a lawsuit) if you refuse to perform […]

Atlanta Employment Law | Non-Compete Agreement

Non-Compete Agreement in Atlanta

 Atlanta Non-compete agreements may be formulated as stand-alone contracts or embedded in employment agreements. Either way, they are of considerable significance in employer-employee relations, especially in […]

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